Analyze Nine Classic Packaging Box Types

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Analyze Nine Classic Packaging Box Types

Gift boxes are an indispensable part of the overall product. Packaging directly promotes products and brands and also affects consumers' purchases to a certain extent. A distinctive packaging box can bring huge profits to the enterprise. Today we will briefly analyze nine common packaging boxes.

Drawer box type, which is opened and closed by extraction, uses more paper, and the price is slightly higher. It is the same packaging method with better texture as the heaven and earth box.

After being unfolded, the airplane box-shaped packaging box is a whole piece of cut paper, which is formed into one piece by structural design and does not require auxiliary tools such as glue, which can save processing costs.

The book box is like a book. It consists of a front panel and a bottom box. Some packaging boxes require magnets, iron sheets and other materials to assist them. It is one of the box options for high-end gifts.

The box type with the top cover and the bottom box is separated. It uses more paper and the cost is slightly higher, but the texture is good. It is suitable for boutique gift boxes and can enhance the product image.

The clamshell packaging box is divided into the single clamshell box and double clamshell, which is very simple and elegant for gift packaging, but the process required for the double clamshell packaging box is relatively complicated.

The portable packaging box has a strong load capacity. The upper part of the packaging box has a portable design, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. It is the most commonly used box type for gift boxes. The biggest feature is that it is convenient to carry.

The polygonal box also adopts the form of a heaven and earth cover, but the shape is a pentagonal or hexagonal polygonal structure. The boutique gift box gives people a sense of stability and atmosphere, which impresses consumers.

The window box type is to dig holes in the carton or add transparent cellophane so that the goods can be seen intuitively, convenient for customers to observe, and increase the credibility of the goods.

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