Design the Color of the Box According to the Characteristics of the Product

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Design the Color of the Box According to the Characteristics of the Product

Gift boxes with lid is an indispensable part of the goods from the production plant to the consumer. Its main function is to protect food and ensure that no damage occurs when the product leaves the factory to reach the consumer.

Usually, companies will print various brand and product-related patterns and texts on the gift box packaging to make the packaging more attractive and promote the product and brand culture at the same time.

And when we walk into the shopping mall to select products, the first thing we give you is not the feeling of the product, not how high-end the packaging material is, nor how exquisite the packaging craftsmanship, but the most intuitive vision given by the rich color matching Shock. Reasonable color matching applications can better promote products, so how do we design matching colors according to the characteristics of the products?

Bright and rich colors are often used in the packaging of food gift boxes, conveying a kind of food taste. Use cool colors for cold drinks, such as blue and white. Tobacco and alcohol use calm, simple and elegant tones, which represent the history of their development.

The gift box packaging with warm colors mostly used for health products represents nourishment, health care and nutrition.

Feminine cosmetic gift boxes often use soft colors, light pink, lavender, light blue, etc., reflecting the elegance and gentleness of women. The male cosmetic gift box uses black and gray to reflect the mature and stable personality of men.

The gift boxes of daily necessities mostly use white color and some color matching, which represents refreshing and clean.

Of course, these can only explain most of them, but cannot cover all of them. With the continuous progress of civilization, many packaging designs have integrated art styles of realism, abstraction, and surrealism. The color matching breaks the conventional thinking design and becomes more colorful.

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