Functions of Luxury Jewelry Packaging Box of Different Materials

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Functions of Luxury Jewelry Packaging Box of Different Materials

High-quality jewelry packaging boxes have a high-level sense of luxury and have design elements that match the jewelry. For example, gold jewelry packaging boxes often use bronzing techniques, and most jade jewelry bracelet boxes are designed with Chinese-style elements. Jewelry packaging boxes are used for product sales to store and protect jewelry. Every lady has her own favorite jewelry, so jewelry boxes store the necessities of jewelry.

Jewelry packaging boxes are made of paper, wood, and leather. The solid wood jewelry box is elegant and luxurious, suitable for elegant ladies. The leather jewelry packaging box has an exquisite appearance and advanced decoration. These all require purely handmade craftsmanship. The complex paper packaging box still needs to be completed by hand. Jewelry packaging boxes generally choose soft materials to make linings, including antioxidant fibers and anti-wear fibers to prevent jewelry from wearing. In addition, the jewelry box will be equipped with a corresponding style key lock to protect the safety of the jewelry. As we all know, jewelry packaging boxes come in various styles and sizes, most of which require custom jewelry packaging box sizes, but jewelry packaging boxes also have some commonly used specifications.

The jewelry packaging box is placed for a period of time, especially since the surface of the leather packaging box can easily absorb dust. The leather only needs to wipe the surface with a semi-dry damp and soft cloth. If it is a velvet surface material for jewelry packaging, we choose a soft brush to clean up the dust on the surface of the jewelry packaging box. Be careful not to use a hard toothbrush, which is easy to scratch the surface of the jewelry box.

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