How Can Food Packaging Become More Environmentally Friendly?

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How Can Food Packaging Become More Environmentally Friendly?

Environmentally friendly packaging often means high costs and low returns. Restricted by conditions such as technology and scale, the price of environmentally friendly packaging materials is relatively expensive, and the use of environmentally friendly packaging does not seem to be able to obtain a numerically intuitive return.

For ordinary enterprises, it is more like a loss-making business. Therefore, despite the food giants taking the lead, the environmental protection of packaging in the food and beverage industry still has a long way to go.

In addition to food giants, packaging companies are also an important part of the environmental protection of packaging. From the global trend, the environmental protection of packaging tends to become the basic attribute of packaging in addition to protecting product quality, and it has been reflected in the laws and regulations of many countries, including the European Union. From this perspective, in the future, the environmental protection of packaging will become a necessary condition regardless of the size of the company.

Kunshan Kava believes that the environmental protection of packaging faces many challenges, and technology is one of them. From the research and development of new materials to the design of packaging, the support of new technologies is required, which also means the participation and input of the entire industry chain.

In the future, environmental protection of packaging must be promoted. From the extraction and use of raw materials, product design, production and operation, logistics and transportation, and even post-consumer packaging recovery and reuse, everything should be run around reducing the impact on the environment, in order to achieve a low-carbon circular economy. And work hard.

In addition to the improvement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of national regulations and policies, as a packaging company, we should also pay attention to the following three aspects.

The first is to innovate, develop new environmentally friendly materials and expand their applications to reduce production energy consumption. The second is the packaging design, which reduces the use of materials and clearly displays the environmental protection attributes on the packaging, which is helpful for recycling after classification. The last is the recycling of packaging, using recyclable packaging, and effectively increasing the recycling rate of packaging.

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