How Does the Appearance of Cosmetics Affect Consumer Purchases?

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How Does the Appearance of Cosmetics Affect Consumer Purchases?

The shape, color, pattern, and material of the cosmetic packaging box must be able to arouse people's favorite emotions because people's likes and dislikes play an extremely important role in buying impulse.

Favor comes from two aspects. The first is the practical aspect, that is, whether the packaging can meet the needs of consumers in all aspects and provide convenience, which involves the size, quantity, and exquisiteness of the packaging.

The same skincare cream can come in a large bottle or a small box. Consumers can choose according to their habits. The same product is beautifully packaged and easy to be chosen as a gift by people, and the package is almost only for self-use. When the packaging of the product provides convenience, it will naturally arouse the goodwill of consumers.

Favors also come directly from the feelings of packaging shapes, colors, patterns, and materials. This is a comprehensive psychological effect that is closely related to the individual and the environment of the individual.

In terms of color, everyone has their favorite and hate colors. Of course, they cannot be forced to be uniform, but there are also common points. For example, most women like white, red, and pink. They are called feminine colors. The packaging of feminine products uses white and red to arouse the love of ladies. Men like the solemn and serious black, which is also called masculine color. The packaging and black color of men-only products can be favored by men.

Different nationalities have different favorite colors. People call them national colors. Americans like yellow. Products in yellow packaging are sold well. However, the Japanese do not like yellow, and yellow packaging is often not sold well in Japan.

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