The Role of Packaging Box Laminating

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The Role of Packaging Box Laminating

In the printing industry, packaging color boxes, hang tags, and color cards are relatively common printed matter. I don’t know if you have discovered that there is a layer of transparent film on the surface of these packaging boxes, such as boutique packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, etc., this layer of film is called a "laminating) of post-press processing technology.

Laminating, also known as "over-plastic", "laminating", "sticking film", etc., refers to a transparent plastic film pasted on the surface of the printed matter through hot pressing to protect and increase gloss. Laminating film can be divided into "light film", "dumb film" and "touch film".

Nowadays, many packaging color boxes have a layer of film on the surface. On the one hand, it can improve the grade of the product, and the overall color expression is better. On the other hand, it can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof. So why should the packaging color box be surface treated?

Everyone in the printing industry knows that if the surface of the gift box is not processed, the printed content of the color box will be easily scratched, faded or dirty, and the service life will be greatly shortened. If surface treatment is applied, such as "film-coated" color box prints, the plastic film is heated and pressurized to bond the color box prints together to form a paper-plastic packaging box. As a result, there is an extra layer of transparent film on the surface of the color box printing, which not only becomes smoother and brighter; but also plays the role of moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling, and abrasion resistance. At the same time, it also extends the service life of the color box printing.

In addition to coating the surface of the color box, it can also be "over-oiled", which can also prevent scratches, color fading, dirt, and prolong the service life of the color box prints.

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