What Effect does the Appearance of Packaging Boxes have?

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What Effect does the Appearance of Packaging Boxes have?

Gift box design ideas?

1. Design according to consumer positioning

With the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of living standards, the pursuit of high-grade, personalized and exclusive gift box packaging is gradually approaching our lives. Factors such as gender and age will have a direct impact on consumers' shopping choices. In order to obtain better sales, we must design different packaging for different genders and age groups, so that consumers can understand the products more intuitively and in detail, and achieve a fast and accurate marketing model.

2. Design according to the purpose of the gift

The gift box design is generally used for occasions such as festivals, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, family visits, condolences, etc. The packaging design should be specific and reflect the particularity and purpose of various gifts. For example, the moon cake gift box packaging design for the Mid-Autumn Festival should not only select high-end materials for packaging but also pay attention to its pertinence. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. The language conveyed by the packaging must have the characteristics of the Chinese culture, and these characteristics are fully reflected in the packaging's shape, pattern, font, color and other aspects.

How to design the gift box?

Many gift-giving people tend to ignore the packaging design of the gift box. In fact, under normal circumstances, the shape of the gift box packaging is the same. For the gift box packaging design, rhythm, rhythm, contrast and coordination, symmetry and balance, stability and center, and proportional size must also be considered. Only in this way can the packaging of the gift box appear stylish.

The gift box design should be beautiful and high-grade. As we all know, the Chinese not only value human feelings very importantly but also attach great importance to face. Therefore, for gift packaging design (whether it is outer packaging or inner packaging), you must uphold the attitude of exquisite packaging and high-grade packaging, and let the other party feel your sincerity!

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