What Kind of Packaging Will be the Leading Food Packaging Material in the Future?

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What Kind of Packaging Will be the Leading Food Packaging Material in the Future?

At present, most of the materials used for packaging food and medicine in almost all countries in the world are plastic products. In contrast, paper packaging such as cardboard box with divider is not as widely used as plastic products.

Plastic packaging design has a large market share, but its production only pays attention to food safety and hygiene, and rarely considers environmental issues. The pollution caused is also obvious to all. So, will the future food packaging be paper packaging or plastic packaging?

In the modern packaging industry system, paper and paper containers occupy a very important position. In China, paper packaging materials account for about 40% of the total packaging materials. Judging from the development trend, the amount of paper packaging will increase.

Paper packaging materials dominate the packaging field because they have a series of unique advantages. Good processing performance, excellent printing performance, certain mechanical properties, easy compound processing, good hygiene and safety, wide sources of raw materials, easy to form mass production, diverse varieties, low cost, lightweight, easy to transport, and recyclable waste use.

The use of plastics as packaging materials is an important symbol of the development of modern technology. It has a rich source of raw materials, excellent performance, and low cost. It has become the fastest-growing packaging material in the world in the past 40 years. However, the use of plastic packaging materials for food packaging has obvious shortcomings, and there are some health and safety issues and the environmental pollution of packaging waste.

Consumers are inclined to paper packaging. Today, people’s awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing, and the requirements for packaging are becoming more and more "higher". Packaging using recycled materials as raw materials is becoming more and more popular. Use paper as much as possible for designs that can be packaged with paper to reduce plastic waste and environmental pollution.

Kunshan Kava Fast Printing Co., Ltd., as a food packaging box supplier, believes that the improvement of plastic materials is a top priority to reduce the burden on the environment caused by the use of plastics, and together make a meager contribution to the world environment.

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