What Types of Paper Packaging Containers are Widely Used?

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What Types of Paper Packaging Containers are Widely Used?

A paper packaging container refers to a container composed of paper or cardboard. Now more and more merchants customize exclusive packaging containers, such as custom logo magnetic boxes.

The types of paper packaging containers widely used in the market include cartons, cartons, paper bags, pulp molded products, and various containers made of paper-based composite materials. The most commonly used paper packaging containers are cartons, cartons, paper bags, and corrugated boxes, which have the following characteristics:

1. There are many kinds of paper specifications, fewer auxiliary materials, and low processing costs.

2. The paper is light in weight, has good cushioning performance, is suitable for folding and molding, and has a certain strength.

3. Good reusability, recyclable, no harm to the environment, it is green packaging.

4. The paper has excellent processing performance, the processing process is simple, and it is easy to realize automation.

5. Various shapes, excellent printing and decoration performance, exquisite paper containers can increase the added value of goods and promote sales.

6. Strong display and display, with good shelf effect.

7. It is convenient to fill, store and transport, and the circulation cost is low.

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