Why is the Proofed Box Different From the One on the Computer?

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Why is the Proofed Box Different From the One on the Computer?

There are many styles of packaging boxes that we usually see, each of which has its own unique design charm and has a certain degree of beauty and applicability. So what are the common problems we have when customizing the packaging box?

First of all, proofing is divided into digital samples and machine samples. The digital sample is to see the overall coordination, and the machine sample is to see the final presentation effect.

Secondly, the proofing box is different from the computer, because the computer screen is displayed in the RGB color mode, and the color is brighter. The proofing is printed in four-color or spot color, and the color mode is different. It is normal for a little color cast to appear, and the printed box will be affected by the paper and the light source. Therefore, there will be a slight difference between the computer screen display effect and the actual printing effect.

Four-color printing refers to four-color CMYK. CMY is the initials of three printing inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. K takes the last letter of Black. The reason why the initials are not taken is to avoid confusion with Blue.

Spot color printing refers to printing without using CMYK four-color composite colors but using a specific ink for printing. Spot color inks are pre-mixed by the printing factory or produced by the ink factory. For each spot color of the printed matter, there is a special color plate corresponding to it during printing, and the use of spot colors can make the color more accurate. Through the pre-printed color sample card of the standard color matching system, you can see the exact color of the color on the paper.

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