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  • Design

  • 3D Samples

  • Digital Printing

  • Digital Cutting

  • Printing

  • Solution for Small Batch Production

    Digital Printing Watch the video

    KAVA owns multiple top-level digital printing machines, which supports small batch personalized products.

  • First 9+2 UV Printing Machine in Asia

    Printing Machines Watch the video

    Equipped with machines which are capable of in-line cold foiling, in-line color control and automatic registration system, simultaneous plate changing system, highly energy-saving LED drying and special customized unit arrangement.

  • Informatization and Intelligence

    Warehouse Watch the video

    Customized Automated Storage and Retrieval System realizes unmanned warehouse. Full automation with robots makes work more efficient, more precise and clearer, and further improves the level of Informatization and standardization.

Benefits from Partnering with Us

  • Fast Response and Delivery

    We provide one-on-one full service. We respond quickly and provide samples momentarily. Due to smart manufacturing, we are able to finish the production in timely manner.

  • Reliable Quality

    We provide smart monitoring during the production. The entire production process is strictly following ISO9000 standard.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We provide one of a kind product solution. Due to our continuous innovation on materials, structure, and finishing, we are able to make your product uniquely outstanding.

  • Eco-friendly

    We provide eco-friendly materials. Together with energy saving production process, we do our best to minimize the waste and protect the environment.

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