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18 Things to Include in Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a delightful way to greet and thank your wedding guests for being a part of your special day. Here are 18 things you can include in your wedding welcome bags to make them even more memorable:

  1. Personalized Welcome Note: Start off by expressing your gratitude and welcoming your guests with a heartfelt note. Make it personal and let them know how much their presence means to you. Share a special memory or a message that reflects your relationship with each guest. Consider using personalized stationery or adding a handwritten touch for an extra meaningful gesture.
  2. Local Maps and Guides: Provide your guests with maps and guides to help them navigate the local area and discover nearby attractions. Include recommendations for restaurants, cafes, shopping areas, and popular tourist spots. You can also include insider tips or hidden gems that you love about the location. Consider creating a custom map with points of interest marked for a unique touch.
  3. Bottled Water: Keep your guests hydrated and refreshed by including bottles of water in the welcome bags. This is especially important if you're having an outdoor or summer wedding. Consider adding personalized labels with your names and wedding date for a special touch. You can even opt for locally sourced or branded water bottles to add a unique element.
  4. Snacks: Add some tasty treats to the welcome bags, such as local snacks or homemade goodies. Consider including a mix of sweet and savory options to cater to different preferences. You can showcase regional specialties or incorporate flavors that are significant to you and your partner. Don't forget to include a note with a description of each snack and why you chose it.
  5. Personalized Keepsakes: Include small personalized items that your guests can cherish as mementos of your wedding. This could be a keychain with their initials, a magnet with your wedding date, or a custom-made trinket that represents your love story. Personalize each item with their names or initials for an extra special touch. Consider incorporating elements that align with your wedding theme or symbolize something meaningful to you both.
  6. Travel-sized Toiletries: Help your guests feel comfortable during their stay by providing travel-sized toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and toothpaste. This thoughtful gesture will be greatly appreciated, especially for guests who may have forgotten to pack these essentials. You can also include a small pouch or bag to hold the toiletries, which can be reused later.
  7. Emergency Kit: Prepare for any unexpected situations by including a small emergency kit in the welcome bags. Include items like band-aids, pain relievers, stain remover wipes, and mini sewing kits. Add a personal touch by including a thoughtful note with tips on handling common emergencies or unexpected situations that may arise during the wedding festivities.
  8. Local Souvenirs: Showcase the charm of your wedding destination by including small local souvenirs in the welcome bags. This could be a postcard with a beautiful view of the location, a mini figurine representing a famous landmark, or a unique item that represents the local culture. You can even collaborate with local artisans or businesses to create custom souvenirs that reflect the essence of the location and your wedding theme.
  9. Customized Itinerary: Create a detailed itinerary of the wedding events and any other activities you have planned for your guests. Include timings, locations, and any special instructions they need to know. You can also include suggestions for optional activities or attractions they might enjoy during their free time. Consider including a personalized note for each guest, highlighting the events or experiences that are particularly special to them.
  10. Personalized Snack Packs: Create personalized snack packs with individual portions of nuts, dried fruits, or candies. This will come in handy for your guests during their travel or when they need a quick snack. Consider including a mix of healthy and indulgent options to cater to different preferences. You can also include a small card with a fun fact or trivia about each snack.
  11. Wedding Program: Include a printed copy of the wedding program in the welcome bags. This will help your guests follow along with the ceremony and know what to expect. You can also include a brief introduction to the wedding party and any special traditions or rituals that will take place. Consider adding a personal touch by including a special note or anecdote about each member of the wedding party.
  12. Local Coupons or Discounts: Partner with local businesses to provide exclusive coupons or discounts for your guests. This could be for nearby restaurants, spas, or attractions. It's a great way to support local businesses and give your guests an opportunity to explore the area while saving some money. You can also include a guidebook or brochure highlighting the participating businesses and their offerings.
  13. Mini Champagne Bottle: Add a touch of celebration by including a mini bottle of champagne or sparkling wine in the welcome bags. Your guests can raise a toast to your love and enjoy a little indulgence. Consider including personalized champagne flutes or wine glasses with your names and wedding date for an extra special touch. You can even provide a recipe card with a signature cocktail that can be made using the champagne.
  14. Personalized Coasters: Include personalized coasters with your names and wedding date. These can be used during the wedding or taken home as a keepsake. You can choose a design that matches your wedding theme or opt for a classic and elegant style. Consider including a variety of coaster designs to add a touch of uniqueness to each guest's set.
  15. Customized Playing Cards: Add a fun element to the welcome bags by including customized playing cards. Your guests can enjoy a game or two during their downtime or even use them as conversation starters during the reception. Personalize the playing cards with your names, wedding date, or a special message. You can also include a small booklet with instructions for different card games to inspire some friendly competition.
  16. Disposable Cameras: Encourage your guests to capture special moments by including disposable cameras in the welcome bags. This will give you a unique perspective on your wedding through their eyes. You can include a note asking them to take candid photos throughout the day and leave the cameras at a designated drop-off point before they leave. Consider including a list of photo prompts or a disposable camera photo challenge for added fun.
  17. Local Specialty Items: Include a small sample of a local specialty item, such as a jar of honey from a nearby farm, a bottle of local wine, or a jar of homemade jam made with local fruits. This will give your guests a taste of the region's flavors and showcase the unique products of the area. Include a note with information about the item and its significance to the local culture or traditions.
  18. Thank You Note: End on a grateful note by including a thank you card in the welcome bags. Express your appreciation for their presence and support on your big day. You can personalize each note with a heartfelt message for each guest, thanking them for their friendship, love, and support. Consider including a small token of gratitude, such as a pressed flower or a personalized bookmark, with each thank you note.

Remember, the key to creating memorable wedding welcome bags is personalization and thoughtfulness. Tailor the contents to your wedding theme, location, and the preferences of your guests. By including these 18 items, you'll ensure that your guests feel loved, welcomed, and appreciated as they embark on your wedding journey. You can also consider adding a personalized touch to each item, such as handwritten tags or custom packaging, to make the welcome bags even more special.

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