From a physicist to a packaging star, what has Kewang "Pharaoh" experienced?

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From a physicist to a packaging star, what has Kewang "Pharaoh" experienced?

    In 1996, Wang Jianhua, who graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology with a major in applied physics for two years, waved goodbye to his scientific research dream and officially founded Kunshan Kewang Fast Printing Co., Ltd., and since then fixed his life's career in the printing industry.

   Today, the young man who went to sea for business with 20,000 yuan has become a private entrepreneur in charge of hundreds of millions of yuan in assets. Kewang has also changed from a small workshop with two employees and a piece of equipment to a high-end smart packaging and printing complex with a modern smart workshop of nearly 50,000 square meters and a smart three-dimensional warehouse with an annual output value of nearly 300 million yuan. Type enterprise.

Wang Jianhua, General Manager of Kunshan Kewang Express Printing Co., Ltd.

    Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in physics, once attributed all his achievements to "physics" thinking in an interview, that is, a method of reasoning based on "first principles". The so-called "first principles" way of thinking refers to looking at the world from the perspective of physics, peeling away the appearance of things layer by layer, seeing the essence, and then starting from the essence and moving forward. The same goes for Wang Jianhua, who loves physics in his bones. "Physics allows me to always think with a questioning mentality, so that many problems can see the essence." Looking back at the more than 20 years that Kewan has gone through, this is extremely important in every step forward. A living embodiment. Whether it is the change of corporate management philosophy or the successful transformation that has been praised by outsiders, it is the result of Wang Jianhua's "questioning and speculation".

    The sense of crisis may be used to explain the unity of contradictions in Wang Jianhua. Maintaining a sense of crisis at all times has also been reflected in Kewan's many transformations. In 2002, through many studies, understanding and prediction of the market, Wang Jianhua believed that making business cards would not meet the changes in market demand, so he decided to transform business printing. In 2005, when the Internet began to flourish, Wang Jianhua, who was anticipating the disruptive nature of the Internet, began to wonder whether commercial printing could enable the company to survive for a long time. After thinking about it, Wang Jianhua made a bold decision—transition to the packaging field. In the packaging field, Wang Jianhua adheres to the excellence when making business cards and chooses the fine packaging route. "This road is difficult to walk, but now it seems to be the right direction." Wang Jianhua said with a smile.

    "The Kewang Road is a road of transformation and development.From printing a business card to business printing, packaging printing, and now towards high-end printing in the packaging industry,I deeply understand that there is no'sunrise industry', only'sunrise enterprises'. "It is true that the environment will be shuffled, but it will be yourself. When the competition enters the second half, the competition is on the internal strength of the enterprise on the one hand, and on the other hand. It is creativity and ideas. Wang Jianhua has a clear scale and logic for Kewang's development path.

    Wang Jianhua's WeChat nickname is "kava uka living person Kewang Wang Jianhua". Among them, the pronunciation of "Kahuo" happens to mean "happy" and "happy" in Kunshan dialect, which coincides with Wang Jianhua's own optimistic and positive life creed. Kava is the English name of Kewang, which was decided by Wang Jianhua after much consideration.

    Kava does have its own word in English. It is a pepper family plant that grows in the South Pacific Islands (Fiji, Vanuatu, etc.) and is a perennial shrub. Fijians put kava in a coconut shell, which resembles nectar and designated it as the national drink. Wang Jianhua hopes Kewang will be as tough, tenacious and valuable as kava.

    Not only that, Wang Jianhua also combined the corporate management philosophy to disassemble the four letters K, A, V, and A in the word kava, and give them meanings respectively, so that it encompasses all levels from strategy to tactics, and emphasizes the purpose. Propositions, corporate culture, organizational values, and people’s structure are important to career success. From the perspective of the meaning of each letter of K, A, V, and A, to reinterpret Wang Jianhua and the Kewang he founded, perhaps the context will be clearer.

K:Development is logical

    K stands for "knowledge". In Wang Jianhua's view, "people need a certain amount of knowledge, and so are enterprises. The knowledge here is not simple scientific and cultural knowledge, but management concepts, equipment, systems, market strategies, etc. Companies do not have Knowledge will be as vulnerable as a castle in the air."

Looking back at the development of Kewang, we will find such a set of logical thinking.

    First of all, do not be a blind follower, look for differentiated selling points。“The fundamental purpose of transformation and upgrading is to avoid competition and to enter the blue ocean that you think. Different products make them more competitive. "In Wang Jianhua's eyes, it is very important that products and services have differentiated advantages. Differentiation determines the selling point, and the selling point determines the competitiveness. Where does Kewang find the selling point? Wang Jianhua's answer is "two guarantees and one drop."

    The so-called "two guarantees" means to ensure quality and beauty. Back then, Zhang Ruimin used a sledgehammer to awaken the Haier people's quality awareness and smashed Haier's high quality. Wang Jianhua's harshness to quality was the same. Regarding product quality, Kewang is determined not to be a "Mr. Almost", and always requires product quality to be higher than similar products in the market. To this end, Kewang not only established a complete quality control system, but also strictly implemented it to specific individuals, so that every employee could develop good habits and improve quality awareness.

    Wang Jianhua has his own unique views on product appearance, from the selection of craftsmanship to the combination of colors, but in the final analysis, they must be "good-looking". He laughed and talked that he always suffered from occupational diseases when he went to the supermarket, and he paid special attention to the packaging of the products to see which packaging was the most beautiful or what new technology was adopted.

    “"One drop" is to reduce costs. Although Wang Jianhua is not cold about price wars, he believes that low cost is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises that cannot be ignored. Wang Jianhua's approach is to use intelligent and efficient equipment production as much as possible. In June 2018, Kewan introduced manroland's advanced UV cold foil dual-coating nine-color printing machine. The high efficiency and unique craftsmanship of the equipment also gave Kewan a unique competitive advantage.

    The second is green and intelligent, to plan the future.As early as 2016, Kewang had implemented CTP publishing without flushing, achieving zero discharge of waste in the plate-making process. In the same year, it also won the global flush-free green leaf award issued by Kodak. In 2017, Kewan obtained the national green certification. Currently, the company implements an alcohol-free process in the printing process, and has now completed 80% of the machines' alcohol-free printing. Wang Jianhua said that in the future, Kewan will all adopt UV printing and take the road of green printing, so that Kewang employees can get health guarantee, make the environment more beautiful, and make customers more assured.

Newly built Kewang Intelligent Chemical Factory

   In 2018, smart manufacturing has become a hot term. When the concept of intelligence became popular, Kewang's road to intelligence has gradually become clear under the guidance of the chief designer Wang Jianhua. As early as two years ago, Wang Jianhua predicted that the tide of intelligentization would disrupt the printing industry, so he began to conceive of Kewang's advanced intelligent route. Now, with the successful implementation of Kewan’s Industry 4.0 smart factory (including three-dimensional warehouse, logistics system, and workshop intelligence), Kewan’s intelligent layout has achieved initial results——

    The 6,000-position intelligent three-dimensional warehouse realizes three-dimensional storage, automatic storage and storage, and standardized management of warehouse goods, which can greatly reduce storage and transportation costs, reduce labor intensity, and improve warehouse space utilization. Kewang intelligent workshop integrates automatic storage, automatic handling, automatic production equipment, automatic testing equipment, and information software to realize data collection, process monitoring, TPM equipment management, quality management, production scheduling, and data statistical analysis for the entire production process. , So as to realize the informatization, intelligence and flexible intelligent manufacturing management of the production site.

A:The team is dynamic

   The first "A" in Kava, Wang Jianhua's interpretation is "active", which means positive. "True corporate management is about the team and the people on the platform. Kewang wants to build an active and efficient team." Wang Jianhua said.

Kewang partner launching ceremony

     "Talents are the foundation of the team. We have always emphasized the improvement of employees from five abilities: professional values, business abilities in this position, communication and coordination ability, learning ability, team management ability, and also need to continuously improve according to the actual situation." 2018 In order to better motivate talents, Kewang has launched another major initiative in team building, namely the partnership system, so that every employee can become a partner of the company, "consensus, shared responsibility, co-creation and sharing", From part-time work consciousness to boss thinking, through this system, employees and the company grow together and become business partners and a community of destiny.

    Wang Jianhua often said, “The driving force of an enterprise is innovation, but innovation requires vitality. How to be vigorous and exercise.” Wang Jianhua loves sports. “A person must have a hobby for sports throughout his life. This is a lifelong benefit.” Sports brought Wang Jianhua. He Kewang people are energetic and full of energy. When the factory was built, Wang Jianhua specifically requested that the sports field be added, including tennis courts, badminton courts, and table tennis courts. Nowadays, Wang Jianhua is quite proud to see that the Kewang team often come here to swear vigorous sweat.

    At Kewang, older employees account for nearly 80%. Many employees have grown from being unfamiliar to Kewang and have cultivated affection for Kewang, and finally regard Kewang as their lifelong struggle. "A group of people, one mind, one life, one thing", Wang Jianhua likes this sentence very much, and believes that it is also happy to struggle in such a team.

V:Value is king

    "V" is taken from "value", which means "value". "An enterprise has to create value to have vitality. If it does not create value, it has no meaning," Wang Jianhua said firmly. In his view, companies must not only create value for employees and society, but more importantly, grasp the essence of business and create value for customers.

     “I only do one thing in my life, which is to do a good job in printing and show high-end products to customers. This has never changed. "Kewang is positioned at high-end printing and packaging, and its customers are mainly domestic and foreign well-known cosmetics, food, and high-end electronic product brands. High-quality packaging often requires high product quality and appearance. In order to better meet the requirements of high-end brands, Kewang I hope to be relatively bold in the iterative update of equipment, dare to try and dare to invest.

    Based on the current hardware equipment, Kewan has been able to produce a variety of special printing processes, such as in-line matting, in-line matte treatment, in-line embossing and other special in-line surface treatments. At the same time, it can achieve more color in in-line cold foiling. Change, add colorful high-end finishing to the product. For products that mainly focus on front-end design and technology, Kewan strengthens communication with customers on design ideas and concepts at the front-end, introduces and optimizes ESKO pre-press design software. The software can design the printing layout according to the elements provided by the customer, and simulate the effect of the store shelf in 3D, so that the customer can see the preliminary design effect of the product within 2 hours, screen out the satisfactory effect, and then sample on the machine for personalized customization Products are faster, share and integrate data effectively, speed up turnover, and be more efficient. At the same time, they enhance the customer's sense of real experience and bring more added value to customer products..

Cold stamping products

    Wang Jianhua loves tossing and is famous in the circle. In his own words, "frequently get new things out in two days." "Love to try and be able to innovate" has become Kewan's business card in the printing industry. There are often brand owners who want to try new packaging, and the requirements are very high. Some companies will suggest that they "go and try Mr. Wang from Kewang". In his view, "Customers' requirements and even doubts often contain innovative ideas, and the process of solving is the process of innovation. For enterprises, only innovation can find excitement and distance itself from competitors."

    In 2015, in order to provide Durex, a well-known international company with a set of uniquely positioned, stylish and individual packaging, Kewan and 8 multinational giants sat on a round table and jointly agreed on their respective division of labor and cooperation tasks, forming a set of printing, network, marketing, and operation Wait for a complete set of plans. This project also gave Wang Jianhua a deeper understanding of the personalized customization market.

    Not long ago, Wang Jianhua attended the 2018 Golden Eagle Award Ceremony of Pechoin. This time, Kewan wonThe 2018 Win-Win Partnership Award and Best Value-added Service Awards.

    An entrepreneur who dares to innovate is never a sticky person. Only by innovation can it become an irreplaceable existence. Because innovation itself is a process of destroying the moat of opponents and building one's own. As Wang Jianhua said, "The advantage of transformation and innovation is that competitors will always follow you, and you should not follow others."

A:Inheritance of artistic ingenuity

    The last letter "A" of Kava, Wang Jianhua interpreted it as "art", meaning "art or work of art". In his view, printing is an industry with quite cultural characteristics, and he hopes that every employee should have the ingenuity and the mood to polish artworks. With this kind of mentality to create art, good products are natural. And Kewang's excellence and strict requirements are not the embodiment of ingenuity?

    Speaking of Kewang in the dream, Wang Jianhua talked about the company's vision——“"Two Gathering Two Highs" means to become a high-quality packaging partner highly trusted by world-class brand customers and a high-growth platform for internal employees by focusing on innovation, focusing on quality and service marketing. This is exactly the same as the meaning of "kava".

    "I think the best way of life is not to lie in bed every day until you wake up naturally, nor to sit at home and do nothing every day, nor to go shopping casually on the street. It is to run with a group of like-minded people in pursuit of your ideals! Looking back, there is a story along the way; head down, there are firm footsteps; head up, there is a clearer distance. It's great that KAVA has you."

    This is a passage posted by Wang Jianhua in WeChat Moments. Nowadays, printing for Wang Jianhua is not just a job or a career, but a dream. Whether it is for Kewang or his printing life, Wang Jianhua's dream journey will not stop.

Interesting soul one in a million

>>>>I didn’t know which talented netizen initiated a weird topic on Weibo-good-looking appearance and interesting soul. Who would you choose? The answer is really interesting. Everyone generously praised Gao Xiaosong, and then chose Wu Yanzu without hesitation. I had a greedy idea at the time, why can't I have both?

After interviewing Wang Jianhua, I feel more and more that fish and bear's paws may also be available, just like Wang Jianhua, a person who combines a good-looking appearance with an interesting soul.

A tall and slender figure, a straightforward and slightly public personality, a rational and pragmatic way of doing things, he knows everything about the crafts and equipment in the factory, knows the development of the printing industry well, has a clear idea when it comes to management, and has unique insights when it comes to management. There is always love and pride for the company, all of which constitute Wang Jianhua's first impression.

Wang Jianhua is a "polyhedron". On the one hand, as a high-achieving student in science and engineering, he is rigorous and rational; on the other hand, he can always make people feel vitality, passion and romance. Colleagues commented that he is a good mentor and helpful friend. He has strict requirements for work, but he is very interesting. He can guide the inner direction of employees so as not to get lost. In addition to Kewang, Wang Jianhua also served as the president of the 4th Kunshan Cultural Industry Federation. He went out to participate in activities. His companions commented that he is everyone's "happy fruit", and there must be a lot of laughter where he is.

In life, Wang Jianhua has many hobbies, and sports is the most important one. Years of sports have made him look younger and more energetic than his peers. When he was in college, Wang Jianhua loved to play tennis. Now he can still play for three hours. “The happiest moment for a person is when you sweat profusely after exercise. You will find all the cells open.” Wang Jianhua enjoys sports quite a bit. The thrill.

Wang Jianhua's office shelves are full of books. In college, Wang Jianhua was obsessed with philosophers like Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, and he was fascinated by Hegel's books. It is not difficult to understand that there is always a "philosophical style" in his speech. In Kunshan, Wang Jianhua often organizes entrepreneur salons, industry seminars, and cultural industry associations with relevant government departments. He admitted that these "charges" benefited him a lot.

Wang Jianhua loves literary and artistic works of science fiction, which can cause people to dream about the future. In his words, watching movies is the most profitable business. "Every time you spend a meal, you can enjoy the fruits of the labor that others have put in for several years. This is a great investment." Recently, one of the movies Wang Jianhua watched was Sony's Marvel blockbuster "Venom."

It is written in "Zhuangzi·Tianxia" that "judging the beauty of the world and analyzing the principles of all things" is exactly what Wang Jianhua pursues and yearns for. In his eyes, "Apart from sports, the other happiest moment is when you look up at the stars and see that the world is beautiful."

>>>>Wang Xiaobo once said: "Taste is the prerequisite to feel the beauty of this world." Indeed, there are thousands of styles in life, because the people who live it are interesting and tasteful.

The original text is reproduced from "Printing Manager" magazine


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