Four Principles to be Followed When Designing a Jewelry Box.

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Four Principles to be Followed When Designing a Jewelry Box.

A good packaging design can promote product sales and enhance brand awareness. The luxury jewelry packaging box has always followed the mid-to-high-end exquisite packaging route. So, what principles do we need to follow when designing jewelry boxes?

1. Practicality. This is also the most important point. Regardless of the product, the final product that can be loved by customers must depend on quality. When designing a jewelry box, the first thing to consider is how to better protect the product from being damaged or scratched. This is also the original intention of the designers.

2. Aesthetics. The largest consumer of jewelry is women, and they are also the most sensitive to beauty. Designers need to fully consider how to make the packaging more novel and more attractive to consumers from the appearance, color and text of the packaging.

3. Commercial. In addition to protecting the product, another function of the box is brand promotion. Exquisite LOGO and advertising slogans are usually printed on jewelry boxes, all of which is to allow customers to remember the brand.

4. Environmental protection. With the improvement of the quality of life, people began to pay attention to the importance of environmental protection. The current jewelry packaging design has also begun to promote green and renewable materials, and the use of recyclable natural materials.

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