Kewang Printing Appeared at "Shanghai Luxury Packaging Exhibition" to open the era of intelligent and innovative packaging

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Kewang Printing Appeared at "Shanghai Luxury Packaging Exhibition" to open the era of intelligent and innovative packaging


April 10-11, 2019

Shanghai Exhibition Center


* About the exhibition *

This year's Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition is the 12th exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

As the best packaging creativity and trending platform in Asia, Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition brings a unique experience every year.

    Focusing on the theme of "The Beauty of Smart Packaging", this exhibition opens the era of smart innovative packaging.As a well-known smart printing company in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Kewang Printing has brought the latest cold stamping products to this packaging exhibition, which has become the focus of attention of the audience!

Cold perm | Make life more exquisite

    At this exhibition, we saw that the refinement of craftsmanship and the unique design are the core routes of packaging companies. With unique design concepts combined with high-quality cold stamping printing processes, Kewang continues to bring new innovations and experiences to customers.

    "I only do one thing in my life, which is to do a good job of printing and show high-end boutique things to customers." Kewang provides high-end boutique packaging solutions for well-known cosmetics, food, and high-end electronic product brands at home and abroad.

Meet you  |   meet beautiful

   Friends who follow Kewang must know that Kewang has built and launched the Industry 4.0 smart factory since 2018, realizing pre-press 3D real-world simulation, top-of-line industry UV printing equipment, full-robot turnover smart workshop, smart three-dimensional warehouse and logistics The system has become a high-end intelligent packaging and printing complex with core competitiveness .

    This exhibition allowed us to see the shining transformation benchmark of the traditional industry, to see the new future of the printing and packaging industry, and we are all along the way, just to continue to meet the beautiful, let us share the " beauty of smart packaging", packaging is promising!



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