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Wonderful Handheld Paper Bag

In modern product sales and various promotional activities, shopping handbags can be said to be essential and good products. When products such as clothing, gifts, and electronic products are sold, customers will be given a similarly sized handbag with their own brand logo logo logo, which is not only convenient for customers to carry, but also invisibly improves the product level to promote their brand, Some businesses also produce handbags with promotional designs for mass distribution to promote the brand. Of course, to a certain extent, the more exquisite the printing and production of handbags, the more high-end their packaging appears, and the higher the cost. Therefore, customization of shopping handbags is also one of the daily business needs that major merchants pay attention to.

Handbag printing paper: In the selection of paper for handbags, it is generally recommended to use 157g and 200g coated paper. This type of paper is tough and flat, with a good appearance and moderate price. Its load-bearing capacity varies depending on the processing technology and thickness. If it needs to be paired with heavier packaging products, 300g coated paper or 300g or more cardboard can be used for printing.

Handbag printing process: The printing process of handbags mainly includes stamping, UV, polishing, colorful, concave convex, and flocking processes. The flexible application of these special printing processes also makes the paper bag color bright, three-dimensional, and more expressive.

A handbag, as the name suggests, is a bag used to carry clothing items and is easy to carry. It can be roughly divided into: paper tote bags, non-woven fabric bags, and plastic bags. The most common and frequently used ones are paper composite bags and non-woven fabric bags, which are widely used in exhibitions, shopping malls, and various markets. They have strong liquidity and better convey a message to customer groups.

The printing design of the handbag aims to enhance the aesthetic and rationality of the appearance of the portable goods, while also conveying the information of the goods, showcasing a corporate image, and showcasing a unique cultural atmosphere. The design requirements for handbags should be simple, sturdy to handle, and relatively low in cost. The design of patterns should pursue novelty and simplicity, reflecting the concept of freedom and avant-garde, while also playing various functions of promotion, dissemination, and display. A handbag with protective and storage functions is one of the media for visually conveying product image.

Handbags mainly refer to commercial paper tote bags, plastic tote bags, product packaging accessory tote bags, and other types of printed bags that use different materials but all serve as device items and external publicity functions. Exquisitely designed tote bags can be irresistible, and even if printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertisements, customers are willing to reuse them, making them one of the most efficient and cost-effective advertising media currently available.

Paper tote bags usually require processes such as pasting, punching, and threading. The post-press processing technology for plastic tote bags is relatively simple. In general, handbags are made of high-grade, high-quality paper, kraft paper, or plastic to achieve greater load-bearing capacity and better printing results. After the printing of the handbag, it needs to be covered with film and pressed, and then glued to the box and threaded into the rope before forming. The rope of the handbag can be nylon rope, cotton rope, or paper rope. When the size of the handbag is large, rivets need to be reinforced at the rope hole to resist tension.

From handbag packaging to handbag printing to use, it not only provides convenience for shoppers, but also provides an opportunity to promote products or brands again. Exquisitely designed tote bags can be irresistible, and even if they are printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertisements, customers are willing to reuse them. This type of tote bag has become one of the most efficient and cost-effective advertising media currently.

The design of handbags generally requires simplicity and elegance. During the printing process of handbags, the company logo and name should be the main content on the front, or the company's business philosophy should be added. The design should not be too complex, which can deepen consumers' impression of the company or products and achieve good promotional effects. Handbag printing plays a great role in expanding sales, establishing a brand name, stimulating purchasing desire, and enhancing competitiveness. As a prerequisite for the printing strategy of handbag design, establishing a corporate image plays an important role that cannot be ignored. As the foundation of design composition, the grasp of formal psychology is very important. From the perspective of visual psychology, people dislike monotonous and uniform forms and pursue diverse changes. Handbag printing should reflect the unique characteristics of the company.

Bags are also known as hand bags, handbags, etc. It can be used to hold items and is a convenient container for users, named after its portability. The production materials include kraft paper, white cardboard, copper cardboard, OPP, plastic composite, non-woven fabric, etc. Handbag printing can be divided into advertising handbags, shopping handbags, and gift handbags based on their types.

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